best electric razors

Most men know the importance of a quality shave. A man needs a great shave to make sure that he ends up looking like he has walked out of one of the best barber shops, not as if he has just walked out of a butchers shop.

Every man wants to achieve what can be classed as a ‘luxury shave’. But what is a luxury shave? Sadly, a ‘luxury shave’ will vary depending on who you ask. Because of this, I will be showing the different ways you can achieve a clean shave so you can decide for yourself, what a luxury shave is. Many excellent information about this subject can be found on the website¬†

Old-fashion shaving – straight razor

If you prefer things the old fashioned way then the ultimate luxury shave for you is using a straight razor. They can be very hard to learn how to use correctly and need to be used with precision. Even the best electric razors can’t compare with a quality luxury shave.

Although straight razors can look very intimidating, picking up the skill is a nice thing to know. Straight razors are also one of the bests way to gain a precise and clean shave. It also allows you to carry on a skill that men from past generations in your family will have used.

Safety razor

If you like your shaving experience to be manual, but don’t want something that takes a lot of skill, a safety razor would be the best tool for you. This gives you the same control as a straight razor, but is a lot less dangerous, However, the safety razor still takes a lot of precision and concentration to make sure you get the perfect shave.

Safety razors can vary in price, you can buy very cheap plastic ones or the more expensive silver ones. This means that people can buy from a range of different razors to make sure they get the one that will be the most luxurious to them.

Electric razor

If you aren’t bothered with tradition and prefer more modern and practical things, an electric razor might be the most luxurious shave for you. An electric shaver is quick and easy to use. If you are always busy and like to save time, an electric shaver will be very satisfy to you.

They do not take any skill or precision to use, they will just complete the job in quick time. Compared to other methods of shaving, they are very expensive. However, electric shavers may last a lot longer than some of the other methods, which to some people will mean it is a luxury item.

If you want to go one step further than all of the other options, you can visit your local barber. This will save you the effort of shaving yourself, as well as giving you the comfort of a trained professional giving you the best shave you can get.

For people who have the available time and want to get a more authentic feel when they need a shave. The barber shop will offer you the most luxurious shave that is right for you.